The Richard Sherman CelebritySoftball Game

July 7th 2013 12:00pm at Cheney Stadium 
HR Derby 

The Richard Sherman Celebrity Softball Game is about raising support for charitable causes. A portion of the proceeds of this event will go to Helping A

Helping a Hero
Changing Lives, One Veteran at a Time

The Wounded Hero Home Program

Imagine waking up everyday without one or more of your limbs, with severe burns or even being paralyzed. For thousands of War on Terror wounded veterans these new physical realities will be with them for the rest of their lives.These precious heroesvolunteered to serve our country and protect the freedoms we enjoy each and every day. And because of their sacrifice, we have the opportunity to run a business, to raise our children and to live in a free democracy...and even dream about a future of freedom and prosperity.

Helping A Hero is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan organization that enables all Americans to say "Thank you for your service" to our wounded heroes in a tangible way. We build specially adapted homes for severely injured military personnel and their families and adapt these homes for the specific injuries and challenges of our wounded heroes. For our paraplegics, quadriplegics, and double amputees, our homes provide roll in showers, wider doors, lower counters, roll under sinks, adapted toilet area, etc... so our heroes are able to be independent and do the basic things we all take for granted. For our burn victims, we work hard for positioning of the home to allow as little light into the home as possible, we provide extra covered porch areas in the back, incorporate all known air quality filters, and even include anextra air conditioning unit so the hero can maintain the temperature in his/her areas of the home at 68 degrees without forcing all the children to wear winter clothes12 months a year.

We also place these homes in planned communities or master planned communities so they have neighbors who will also support them in their recovery and who are not living month to month. We also partner our home recipients with a service club like Rotary who also will nurture this hero and work with the family as they rebuild their lives.

Severely wounded and disabled War on Terror veterans have special challenges everyday. They must adjust to their new circumstances and they need our help to jumpstart the process. Emotionally our wounded heroes need to know that every American appreciates the sacrifices our wounded heroes have made. Financially our wounded heroes deserve every American’s support to help them get on the road to recovery and regain their independence. Together we can get these patriotic Americans who have given so much for you and for me on the road to success within our communities. It is truly an honor to build these homes for our heroes whoare daily reminded that America cares and that we have not forgotten the sacrifice they made to protect our great nation.

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